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We Hear You: What We Just Learned From Oprah Winfrey

At Spot.IM, we often discuss the overarching motivations behind our existing and future products. Most of our conversations–somewhat surprisingly–lean philosophical, not technical. The last conversation we had about our Community Pages perfectly illustrates this uncommon way of thinking, especially because it all began with us rewatching/reanalyzing the final moments of The Oprah Winfrey Show:

“I’ve talked to nearly 30,000 people on this show, and all 30,000 had one thing in common: They all wanted validation. If I could reach through this television and sit on your sofa or sit on a stool in your kitchen right now, I would tell you that every single person you will ever meet shares that common desire. They want to know: ‘Do you see me? Do you hear me? Does what I say mean anything to you?’”

In only a few sentences, Oprah Winfrey was able to powerfully verbalize what has been in our hearts and minds since Spot.IM’s inception. For years we’ve been consciously and unconsciously fueling our products (and company culture) with this diamond-like principle. We believe in validating individuals from all walks of life. No one is too small to be unseen, unheard or unloved.

We recognize that Spot.IM’s Community Pages and other products offer more than just speedy social interactions. For millions across the world, they provide a sense of belonging. Our various online communities allow ordinary men and women to be properly acknowledged–sometimes for the first time. We do not take this privilege lightly. In our daily efforts, we make sure to treat all of our online media partners and community members with care and consideration. Emphatically knowing that their life experiences are distinct and meaningful.

There are scores of human beings searching for solidarity, connection, and most importantly, validation. We promise always to maintain and herald this ever fertile principle. We encourage you to do the same in your everyday lives. As Oprah Winfrey also stated in her talk show’s iconic last episode:

“Try it with your children, your husband, your wife, your boss, your friends. Validate them. ‘I see you. I hear you. And what you say matters to me.’”


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