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Jun 07, 20163m read

How to Integrate User Generated Content Marketing into Your Content Strategy

They say content is King–and if that’s the case User Generated Content represents the constituents that empower the crown. By putting them together, not only is your content plan more democratic, but it is also more powerful. By using more diverse voices, your content becomes more thorough, innovative, and effective.

Most importantly, you build a deeper connection to your target audience because you are giving them a platform to project their thoughts, opinions, and creativity. That’s why incorporating UGC into your content strategy is a must in this day and age. Read on to discover the best ways to get started:


Get Visual


Studies show that people love visual content. Whether it’s videos, pictures, or something else entirely, people respond strongly to content that illustrates information quickly and comprehensively. That’s why it’s no surprise that 94% of online views are from content displaying interesting visuals.

So run a UGC campaign that puts images in the spotlight. Let your users contribute their own pictures, videos, and designs. This way, they get to have fun and show their creative side, while interacting with your content. In addition, the content they contribute will be more popular due to its artistic nature.


Encourage Sharing


Sharing is the lifeblood of your UGC campaign. Without it, your campaign will have difficulty achieving viral status. So make sure your users are sharing the work that’s being sent. Use catchy hashtags that will allow people to stumble upon it as well as make sharing more enticing.

Coca Cola created a great UGC campaign which used the hashtag #shareacoke to gain momentum. The campaign featured users taking pictures with their customized coke bottles which used first names in place of the Coca Cola logo. The campaign succeeded in getting 235,000 Tweets from 111,000 fans as a result of the hashtag.


Inspire Creativity


Creativity generates excitement and passion. Therefore, when you inspire your users to think out of the box, you say you trust their mind and their ability to come up with something brilliant and innovative. As a result, people will have a better time connecting to your brand.

When you inspire creativity in your UCG campaigns people will be more ready and willing to participate. Thankfully, there are many ways they can be creative. Not only can they be clever with the videos, pictures, and designs they send in but they can also contribute articles and stories they have written that promote a new train of thought.


Gain Trust


It goes without saying that if your users don’t trust you, they will not want to post content or interact with your brand. So make it a priority to show the humanity behind your company. Use pictures of employees they will be interacting with so they can put a face to the brand.

Most importantly, make sure your Community Manager develops personal relationships with your most active users so they will be more inclined to participate in any campaigns you develop.


Integrating user generated content marketing into your content strategy is a win-win for everyone. Your users get their fifteen minutes of fame while you get more diverse content. So go ahead and employ these strategies for a killer UGC campaign. Don’t forget to let us know if you have any other tips. Good luck!


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