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Mar 25, 20155m read

The Benefits of Adding Live Discussions to Your Website

Online purveyors of services and/or goods are quickly learning how important solid customer service and support is. In addition to a brand’s functional and user-friendly website, it’s a vital aspect for any business’ long term success. Though you may not realize it, your customers stand in as your best marketers, as they wield the power to make or break future sales both for themselves and for friends, family, colleagues, and the like. By crafting a memorable experience and providing visitors with what they need in a timely manner, they will become loyal customers who are more likely to write reviews reflecting your company’s strengths, tell their friends, and spread the word to their circles. It’s important to never forget the value of word of mouth reviews, as they are supremely influential in a customer’s purchasing potential.

While an individual customer has his or her own idea on what makes a great and memorable service experience, there are several key points that connect them all. Customer support is all about having an open dialogue with your visitors. It’s about providing them with the information they need before the sale on an easily accessible page, ensuring they have access to every resource necessary to complete the sale, and continuing to support those visitors who have converted.

The Benefits of Adding Live Chat to Your Website
Customer service success stories are abundant and plenty. They run the gamut from a company using their Twitter page for communicating with their customers to producing short, concise YouTube videos to present customers with answers to all their support questions and concerns on the spot. This strategy puts a face on the brand and website visitors get excited when their questions are answered in this personal, tailored manner.

Yes We Can!

Of course, you’re all shaking your heads. Of course! That’s what we need to do for our website visitors. We need to provide the greatest service experience imaginable, but much of the time this goal is just something you get excited about at the moment that slowly fades into obscurity. In order to maximize the service experience, a detailed strategy must be pre-planned and tested before execution.

One of the best ways that brands are connecting with visitors to their website is via live chat. Think of this method as a way to build a rapport with your customers, empowering them to get the support information they need in a simple and timely manner, all the while never having to pick up a phone, find a frustratingly inadequate FAQ page, or leave the site at all.

Live chat generally requires little to no knowledge of code, and the misconception that it does can often get in the way of tech-shy businesses from adopting new systems. Live chat has already been present for a number of years, but it’s not being implemented as much as it could—and should—be. The benefits you will reap by adding social capability to your website’s pages will be plentiful and boundless. It builds confidence in your brand before random visitors turn into loyal customers, both during the sale and after they leave the checkout page. Most of all, chat builds loyalty and increases conversion rates amongst your visitors, producing small victories for both customer and business alike.

By adding the human factor to your website without needing any knowledge of code, you can tell your brand’s story while solving any support issues your visitors may come across. It’s also a cue that you’re taking active steps to crafting a seamless customer experience, while also proving that your company is with the times by enabling smart technology.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should utilize live chat:

Look, Mom! No Code!

The Benefits of Adding Live Chat to Your Website - No Code
Most chat services do not require you to know any code. At most, it’s just copying several lines into your HTML. Gone are the days when your support rep had to be a tech-savvy savant in order to enable support. As simple as it can be, your customers don’t have to know this, and your site will appear more modern, intelligent, and user-friendly.

Increase the Convenience for Customers

By providing the option for visitors to chat with a representative, they don’t have to be inconvenienced by going to their web mail to email a request, support question, or navigate to your support page. They are saved the hassle of fishing through other sections of your website or going to your Twitter page.

This convenience to chat with someone live will build a strong relationship between you and your customers. They can get all the support they need in real time from a fellow human, rather than an automated system or artificial intelligence. Website visitors from all walks of life claim that getting timely support help is a leading factor in enjoying their overall experience and their likelihood to return to certain sites.

Strengthen Connection to Customers

Retaining your visitors as customers is a crucial part of increasing your brand’s long term success. Just as it costs a company significantly more money to hire a new employee than to invest in training for an existing one or to promote within, the same goes while evaluating new versus existing customers. Visitors that have purchased something become customers, and when they return, they are likely to spend more than they did in their initial purchase based on faith in the previous buying experience alone. By using a live chat tool you are able to add value to relationships, as it is a sign of a company caring about what their customers think and always being available for support.

Chat Log Data Helps Improve Customer Service

You’ve all heard of Big Data. Well, if you are implementing live chat, be prepared for a lot of data. With the aid of analytic tools, this data can communicate that which is critical to increasing your understanding on what has been working and what hasn’t. It helps you understand the pain and pleasure points of your visitors and allows you to refine your support strategy.

Live Chat Improves Customer Service
So, what are you waiting for? You’re just a few clicks, a simple code, and a submission away from connecting to your customer base at a meaningful and beneficial level for both customer and company. Go get chatting!

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