Nadav Shoval

Oct 22, 20141m read

Spot.IM Hits The Road

The big day is finally here, Spot.IM’s launch day. After two incredible years of hard work, mind boggling challenges, long days at the office and gratifying high-fives we’re ready to show the world who is Spot.IM.

We started with the vision of helping website owners and publishers find that hidden treasure, the social gold in their own back yards. Creating communities without the dependency on costly, external social networks. Giving the internet content makers the power to reach all their visitors, free of charge, maximizing their online assets. We didn’t only strive to give people the option to communicate with each other everywhere on the internet, we also wanted them to do it in real-time. Like a fun meeting at the local bar with your friends or having most intimate direct conversation. Because if there is one thing we know to be true, it’s the social need to share information and the impatient wait for a response.

During the last two years of building this small but great thing called a Spot, we faced every challenge from enabling website owners to create and embed a Spot in less than 5 minutes, through making the design slick and fun, to adding the best features benefitting site owners and users alike. After scaling the BETA to thousand of Spots world wide, we know that we did it right!

We are proud of the road we walked and know these are just the first steps on our way to a more social, fun and engaging world-wide web.







Nadav Shoval

Nadav Shoval is the CEO & Co-Founder of Spot.IM, an on-site community that brings the power back to the publisher. Prior to Spot.IM, Nadav has developed and founded 4 technology startups. Spot.IM is his fifth venture. Nadav is a technology erudite and a sports addict.

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