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Aug 12, 20163m read

Spot.IM Closes $13 Million Series A Funding Round To Empower Digital Publishers’ Social Communities

Media industry’s most comprehensive social engagement platform bolsters efforts to enable digital publishers to take back control of content from social media giants

NEW YORK, Aug. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Spot.IM, a disruptive social engagement platform working with over 25 percent of the U.S. digital publishing industry, announced today it has closed a Series A funding round of $13 million. Notable investors in this round included AltaIR and Norma Investments Limited, representing businessman Roman Abramovich, among other prestigious serial technology investors and various media and marketing visionaries such as James Hilton (CEO of M&C Saatchi Mobile), Avishai Abrahami (Co-Founder & CEO of Wix), Giora Kaplan (Co-Founder & CTO of Wix), Nir Zohar (President & COO of Wix), Brian Bedol and Ran Tushia.

Spot.IM currently works with 4,600 active sites, enabling social engagement for more than 300 million unique monthly users for its media partners, which include News Corp., Meredith Corporation, Little Things and Advertising Age. The company partners with publishers to curate their communities’ social interactions directly, encouraging organic site engagement that enables over 3 billion monthly page views while keeping related ad revenue with content creators, rather than having third-party social media platforms cash in and own content they didn’t create.

“We’re all about bringing together the online publishing industry, and giving our partners and content creators a social community that they can be proud to cultivate. We’ve seen the struggle dealing with third parties and that’s why we’re determined to change the web,” says Spot.IM CEO, Nadav Shoval. “That’s why Spot.IM was created. We partner with digital publishers to keep their conversations generated from original content within their entity. We’re the crusaders leading this movement, committed to providing the most innovative tools and resources needed to successfully leverage the inherent value of quality content for our partners who actually create it.”

Spot.IM helps digital publishers realize the full social value of their original content. Partners who use Spot.IM to engage with their audiences have experienced significant increases in direct visits as well as retained visits, which helps strengthen their online communities and allows them to maintain ownership over the data and traffic their content generates.  Streamlining the process for both publishers and users, installation of Spot.IM’s platform is as simple as placing a few lines of code on pages, while users only need a single login to instantly join a conversation on any Spot.IM partner site.

The investment will be used to further disrupt the online publishing industry and drive growth through new hires as well as expanding R&D efforts to build out capabilities that further foster social interactions within each partner’s social community.

To learn more about Spot.IM’s value for both publishers and consumers, visit www.Spot.IM.

About Spot.IM
Founded in 2012 by Nadav Shoval and Ishay Green, Spot.IM is a disruptive social engagement platform that brings together the online publishing industry and helps their digital media partners to curate their communities’ social interactions directly, encouraging organic site engagement that enables over 3 billion monthly page views. Partnering with over 25 percent of the digital publishing industry, Spot.IM works with online publishers, such as News Corp., Meredith Corporation, Little Things andAdvertising Age, to take back ownership of their audiences and the conversations around their content while adding greater social value and overall traffic monetization.

Roee Goldberg

Roee Goldberg is the COO of Spot.IM, an on-site community that brings the power back to the publisher. Roee's motto is Get Things Done (GTD) and that is the methodology he swears by. Prior to Spot.IM, Roee founded two startups. Roee loves to cook and build cool things.

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