Nov 22, 2015quick read

Say Hello to the New Spot.IM.

We’ve officially debuted the new Spot.IM in a big way. In addition to introducing our new WordPress plugin, we’ve also begun our first partnerships with some major online publishers. And, there are many more on the way in the next couple of months.

We’ve had an incredible time building the new Spot.IM, and we hope you and your users enjoy experiencing it on your own site. We’re bringing new features to online publishers – both large and small – every single day, features that are bringing user engagement into the social network era. Truly realtime features? Check. On-site sticky notifications? You’ve got them now. A personalized newsfeed for each of your users? Of course.

At Spot.IM, we believe that the strength of the web lies in its diversity. And we believe that this strength only exists because of website owners like yourself, who have built communities around this diversity. That’s why we built the new Spot.IM: for you. So that you can have the power you need to maintain, and build, your strength.

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