Feb 29, 20164m read

Community Management Best Practices for 2016

The necessity of creating online communities has been addressed again and again. What we often leave out however, is the next step. Once you have that community, your work is far from over. In f...

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Feb 25, 20163m read

Create Good Conversation Starters for Each Blog Post: 5 Ways to Make it Happen

Why do we blog? It’s might seem like the thing to do nowadays, but blogging is so much more than just a simple marketing trend. Blogging has taken the world by storm as a means to build conver...

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Feb 09, 20164m read

Content Marketing Strategies to Increase Engagement

When Facebook emerged back in 2004, nobody could have possibly predicted the explosion it would create. Practically speaking, Facebook launched an entire industry that had never existed, but bac...

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Roee Goldberg

Jan 28, 20163m read

How we Use #Slack to Flourish Together with Our Partners

At Spot.IM, we share the same goals as our clients, since we believe their success is our success. Spot.IM turns any website into a social network. This way, we help publishers decrease their re...

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Jan 14, 20163m read

How UGC can Increase Organic Traffic

Nobody likes cockiness. From, Donald Trump, to Kanye West, to his lovely wife Kim Kardashian, there are plenty of examples of celebrities who get bashed regularly for being far too smug. In toda...

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Nov 22, 2015quick read

Say Hello to the New Spot.IM.

We’ve officially debuted the new Spot.IM in a big way. In addition to introducing our new WordPress plugin, we’ve also begun our first partnerships with some major online publishers. And, th...

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Oct 01, 20154m read

Use Live Chat to Boost Conversions

Live chats have revolutionized the world of customer service and ecommerce. Instead of waiting on the phone for hours or being transferred and put on hold, customers can now ask a question and g...

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Sep 24, 20153m read

7 Wonderful SEO Extensions for Browsers You Should be Using

A lot of people claim to have mastered Google. But even with our mastery of the trade, we can all use a little assistance at times. While we, SEO professionals, may have great intuition, proven...

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Sep 10, 20153m read

call to action

Increase Conversions By Creating A Perfect Call To Action

Our sites exist for a purpose. We have written eloquent, useful content, incorporated awesome user-centric design, and guided our users through the ultimate engaging experience for the sole purp...

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Sep 03, 20154m read

5 remarkable ways to make your website user-friendly

5 Remarkable Ways To Make Your Website User-Friendly

We all know a key ingredient of any successful brand is an awe inspiring, valuable website. Yet, far too often, people overload their sites with way too much information, much of which is not in...

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