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How UGC can Increase Organic Traffic

Nobody likes cockiness. From, Donald Trump, to Kanye West, to his lovely wife Kim Kardashian, there are plenty of examples of celebrities who get bashed regularly for being far too smug. In today’s society everyone has an opinion about everything–and we all believe that our opinions are all valid and deserve respect. For this reason, sites that lack interactive elements are losing. Just like a celebrity who won’t take a second out of their day to sign an autograph but have plenty of time to take zillions of selfies, sites that do not involve their users have closed the conversation, essentially telling their fans that their insights are not worthwhile.

User Generated Content on the other hand, does the exact opposite. UGC is any type of content created by users for online blogs, sites, and campaigns. This can encompass a variety of different types of content from pictures, videos, and designs to comments and guest posts. Not only does this give your site credibility, but UGC also has the added benefit of helping your brand give an open and and humble vibe. Best of all, evidence also shows that in many cases UGC can increase organic traffic–making it a true SEO goldmine. Here’s some ways UGC can make it happen:


Sit back and let the content grow


As a brand, it’s difficult to come up with unique content on a regular basis. That’s why it’s both helpful and strategic to let your users do it for you. When you allow your users to bring their creative insights on board, not only do they respect you for it, but your content becomes higher quality and more original.

As we mentioned earlier such content can be photos and videos, designs, or anything else. When you open the gates in this way, naturally, more people get involved since they want to contribute and as a result, you not only gain more content, but you also gain more visitors.

These visitors also tend to stay longer and be more active since you encourage their activity and show interest in their ideas.


Contributor option


Chances are, many of your users have some involvement in your industry. As a result, they may have great insights that your blog has yet to tap into. Given that they have experienced different problems, have a different customer base, or are located in another area–the challenges they have experienced may be different than yours. However, they may be similar to your other users.

So let your users become blog contributors. This way, they can give valuable advice and perspectives to your audience that you may have never been able to achieve. Furthermore, their voice will enrich your blog, and bring more unique visitors from amongst their followers and beyond.


If someone is writing it someone is looking for it


Google is a funny thing. The power of a simple search has the potential to make or break your site, and has launched an entire industry. The diversity of what people search for on Google is both remarkable and telling. Yet, strategically, it is important to diversify your topics so you can encompass multiple queries and gain the most organic traffic.

So let your contributors go with their gut. The likelihood is if it’s a topic that they are eager to write, someone else out there is searching far and wide for that same subject. In addition, if their topics are less than ideal, you can ask them to write specific subjects that are more keyword oriented, taking your SEO to a whole new level. The value of UGC is you let your users bring their creativity and their expertise. But in addition to that, their focus may actually be more in line with reality, which can bring you a whole new group of eager visitors.


UGC makes your site fun, approachable, and more catered to your users. As a result, you reap the benefits of gaining more loyalty and more traffic at the same time. Implementing UGC is a true win-win situation. So take the time to learn some great strategies to really take your site to the next level.


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