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May 23, 20186m read

How Does Spot.IM Support GDPR Users’ Rights?

On May 25th, 2018, Europe new’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect. This significant piece of legislation will empower and make consistent data protection laws across Europe, and rightfully offer EU citizens more ownership of their personal data.

Every organization that controls and/or processes personal data about men and women in the EU will be directly affected. Spot.IM as a controller of data (unless otherwise agreed with the publisher) will proactively and enthusiastically undertake considerable measures to more than just comply with the GDPR. Today we’re launching new tools and features and rolling out updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Use agreements. With these and any future positive changes, Spot.IM will remain as deeply committed as ever to helping media companies all over the world build independent, thriving communities.

Spot.IM and its affiliates respect the privacy of the users of our online social network platform and are committed to protect the personal information that users share with us in connection with the use of our Platform, Site, and SDK, including via third party websites, blogs or other products or services which have integrated, embedded or otherwise use the Platform.


What Information We Collect

We may collect two types of data and information from our Users:

The first type of information is un-identified and non-identifiable information pertaining to a User(s), which may be made available or gathered via the User’s use of the Service (“Non-personal Information“).

The second type of information is individually identifiable information, namely information that identifies an individual or may with reasonable effort identify an individual, or may be of private or sensitive nature (“Personal Information“).

Why We Collect It

We collect Personal Information for the following purposes:

Personalizing Your Experience
We will use and disclose your information (including your Personal Information) in order to provide and operate the Service, including for user authentication and identity verification purposes, as well as to enable us to provide our Users with a personalized user experience.

Security and Protecting Rights
We will use and disclose your information (including your Personal Information) to investigate violations and enforce our policies, and as required by law, regulation or other governmental authority, or to comply with a subpoena or similar legal process.

Some of our partners might also use your information for behavioral advertising purposes, as detailed below.

Direct Marketing
If you registered with our Service we may send you promotional material, either concerning the Service or our partners’ marketing products, which we believe may interest you. You may choose not to receive our promotional or marketing emails by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the emails that you receive from us.

Service Improvement
We will use and disclose your information to further develop, customize and improve the Service based on Users common preferences and uses.

Research and Analytics
We will use and disclose your information for statistical and research purposes, as well as to create and provide our business partners and affiliates with aggregated statistical data.

We use the information that we have to communicate with you – for example, we will use your contact details to respond to your queries or feedback, and to provide you with technical assistance and support.

For more detailed information, please refer to our entire Privacy Policy.


Your User Rights at Spot.IM

Today, we’re rolling out a new Privacy Section to allow you to easily delete your account and all personal information from Spot.IM’s servers, export all the data Spot.IM has collected on you and change any piece of information you feel needs to be changed.

To make things even easier to you, we’ve put together a short How-To guide that’ll take you through the process of exercising these rights using Spot.IM’s new Privacy Section.

Before we begin, please note that there are two types of sites using Spot.IM’s products: sites who use Spot.IM’s global network and Isolated sites. If you have been using Spot.IM on one of our partners who uses an isolated network you’ll have to use the conversation embedded on that site to do all that is mentioned below. Otherwise, you can simply use the conversation that is embedded at the bottom of this blog post.


How To Use Spot.IM’s Privacy Section

First thing first. If you’re using Spot.IM as a registered user, simply scroll down to Spot.IM’s conversation component and click your name at the upper-right corner (as seen in screenshot 1). You’ll immediately notice that a context menu appears with a new item – Privacy.

If you’re using Spot.IM as a guest, simply click your username on one of the comments you’ve posted to open your activity page. Once open, you’ll notice a “Privacy” link at the upper-right corner of the activity screen.


(Screenshot 1)


Use this new Privacy Section to:

Amend Your Personal Information

Clicking the “Account Settings” button will lead you to your profile settings screen where you’ll be able to change any piece of private information you’ve provided at any time.

Please notice that if the site you’re using Spot.IM’s component at is operating a Single-Sign-On (SSO) mechanism, your settings screen will be disabled and changed to your private information can only be made by reaching out to the website owner.

Also, notice that this option is only available for registered users since there’s no personal profile for guests users on Spot.IM’s products.


(Spot.IM’s Privacy Section)


Request a Dataset With All of the Information We’ve Collected On You

If you wish, you can also request to receive a file with all the information we’ve collected on you.

To do so, click the “Request Full Dataset” button. Clicking that will lead to the dataset creation screen (as seen in screenshot 2), in which you’ll be requested to type in an active email address that is under your possession to which we’ll send the file once completed. We also added a reCaptcha module to better secure your valuable information.

Upon completion of this screen, you will be redirected to a confirmation screen and a link will be sent to the email address you provided. Once the dataset creation is done, your dataset will be available for download on this link.

The Zip file you’ll receive will include several files that’ll contain all of your private information and information on the activity you’ve made since first setting up your Spot.IM account.

Please note that preparing and exporting your dataset might take a few days, and in edge cases might even take up to 30 days to complete.


(Screenshot 2)


Delete Your Spot.IM Account

You can also easily delete your account at any time. Simply click the “Delete Your Account” link on the main page of the Privacy Section. This will lead to the deletion screen (as seen in screenshot 3). When doing so, we’ll first deactivate it and then delete all identifiable information we’ve collected on you. Once completed, you will no longer be able to edit or delete any of the comments you’ve posted, who will appear as if they were posted by an anonymous guest. This step cannot be reversed so please consider thoroughly before moving forward with this procedure.


(Screenshot 3)


To Sum Things Up

By your continued use of Spot.IM’s products, you confirm your acceptance of our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Also please note that as of May 25th, unless specifically agreed by both parties, the continued use of our products means you accept our Data Processing Agreement. These legal documents all form an integral part of your agreement with Spot.IM.

We have also created a GDPR section on our website where you can access all of Spot.IM’s updated legal documents as well as browse through our GDPR FAQs.

If you have any questions and/or comments, please feel free to reach out to us at


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