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Create Good Conversation Starters for Each Blog Post: 5 Ways to Make it Happen

Why do we blog? It’s might seem like the thing to do nowadays, but blogging is so much more than just a simple marketing trend. Blogging has taken the world by storm as a means to build conversations between brands and users. They are there to provide an educational resource for your target audience, creating an everlasting connection between companies and users. In other words, your blog should serve as a good conversation starter.

But in order for blogging to fulfill it’s purpose, the conversation needs to flow. Blogging doesn’t live up to its potential when you simply write a piece only to let it waste away in cyberspace. Instead, it should act as a springboard for dialog, with comments as the end goal. You need opinions, questions, and even opposing arguments to truly make an impact.

If you have any experience blogging, you know attaining comments is easier said than done. While there is no exact science for getting people to comment, utilizing the tips below can certainly help get you started.

Ask Questions


Remember being in school? Your teacher would talk and talk about a biology for what felt like forever, and generally speaking, you spaced out much of what was being said. You only truly began thinking about the topic at hand when he or she asked you a question.

Same goes for blogging. Asking questions causes people to think deeper and absorb the information at hand. Not only that, but it also actively encourages your audience to participate, which is a huge push for individuals who are less prone to engaging on their own.

Make Contests


Needless to say, some people need incentives to perform. Businesses use this tactic often. You buy one item and get the second one free, you sign up for their rewards program and you get 10% off your purchase, and so on.

Psychologically speaking, this works well because people always want to feel that they are receiving something for completing specific actions. So find a way to reward your commenters. Whether it’s through physical prizes or just by mentioning their name as a top contributor, rewarding your audience can have a huge impact in your blog comments.

Name Drop


Have something to say about a celebrity or political figure? Write about it. Tying controversial people into your content is a great way to get people to comment. People always tend to have an opinion about say Kanye West or Donald Trump. By tying into that, you are sure to spark some conversation.

Respond to Comments


This should be obvious to everyone, but unfortunately, many comments go unnoticed by the original publisher. This is a huge mistake. If people are taking the time to comment on your blog post, it’s your duty to comment back. If not, your lack of diligence sends the wrong message and discourages your audience from commenting again.

Use Storytelling


From the beginning of time, storytelling served as a great way to bring people together and involve them in conversation. Since that’s essentially the goal of your blog, getting personal and telling your audience about specific scenarios and situations that occurred, not only validates the lessons you are trying to communicate in your post, but also gives people the opportunity to relate.

Relatability is a key ingredient in producing the comments. If you tell a story and someone else has a similar experience, you create a vibrant conversation in no time.

Remember your blog is much less effective in the absence of your audience’s input. By attaining comments and gaining rich and diverse perspectives, you promote community for years to come. Have any other tips? Let us know how you encourage comments on your blog, so we can all keep the conversation flowing.

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