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Jul 06, 20163m read

5 Sites that Mastered the Art of Online Social Interaction

Social interaction has morphed from being something specifically reserved for face-to-face social contexts to a phenomenon connecting thousands of people across the world with similar hobbies, interests and passions. Whereas our discussion base used to be limited to those who are local, online social networks and communication tools give us the power to forget borders, distance and cultural barriers that once got in our way.

While social networks are still the primary means of online social interaction, more and more other sites are getting in on the action, building thriving social communities specifically geared for niche audiences. Here’s a list of some of the most successful.

  1. ESPN

With passionate sports fans spanning across the globe, it’s no wonder that it has become a prime area of discussion online. While there are plenty of sports forums on the internet, ESPN provides the total package. There, you can view games, stories that pertain to your favorite teams/players, and discuss the season with fans just like you. Through combining the best of sports related content with the ability for users to interact on their own accord, ESPN has solidified their role as the number one sports website worldwide.

  1. ADK Gaming

Gamers are another group of people with fanbases stretching worldwide.  ADK Gaming exists to provide a community for these individuals where they can play, discover new games, and connect with others that have similar interests. To become a member of this community, you have to sign and apply. With the application, you also have to spend a specific amount of time gaming, and have written at least 20 times on their forum. This way, they know they are getting members that will contribute to the discussion and play an active role in their community.

  1. Circle of Moms

As all parents know, raising children is a huge challenge. But thankfully, online communities exist where fellow parents can share tips, advice, and stories to make parenting a bit less stressful. Circle of Moms, run by Popsugar one such example. The site combines articles pertaining to parenting with discussions run by moms. Any mom can open up a discussion board pertaining to particular circumstances such as “working moms”, “single moms”, or anything else so they can connect socially with others that fit their specific lifestyle.

  1. Smart Girls Club

Smart Girls Club, a site created by Amy Poehler, came into fruition to promote positivity, education, and social awareness in both women and girls around the world. The point is to empower members to get involved and pursue their life’s passion. Like other communities, they use a variety of content in the form of articles, videos, and more to promote various causes and opinions. In addition to that, they get their members involved by providing a social outlet where they each have a voice and can engage in conversation with others like them.

  1. Fodor’s Travel

Traveling is a favorite past time for more and more people, especially when it comes to millennials. But as we can assume, there are challenges when it comes to travel. Knowing where to go, which restaurants to try, where to stay, and the hidden gems of each place is difficult on your own. That’s why it’s ideal to connect with other travelers (and locals) who can give you the lowdown on what each city has to offer. Fodor’s Travel is one such site. There, you can read content pertaining to specific destinations, discover the best places to wine and dine, and connect with others to share their own experiences. As a result, you can make new friends, while also getting the most out of each vacation.
Online social interaction has many benefits. From increasing user retention and engagement to creating lasting loyalty, sites that feature a social aspect win in a number of ways. What’s your favorite online community? Comment below and let us know.

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