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Mar 10, 20163m read

5 Customer Retention Strategies that Work

As we have long established, the aim of every website is to keep their users on site for as long as possible. Yet, most sites tend to lose users after just a few seconds. That’s why customer retention strategies are becoming more and more necessary. Site owners need to better understand their customers in order to develop a user journey which features all the information their audience needs to get the most out of their site.

While there are a lot of factors in creating the ideal retention strategy, here are five that we have found to be most relevant to the majority of website owners:

1. Personalize your Communications


Your users are made up of individuals. They all vary in background, ideology, and basic demographics. Therefore, using a one-size-fits-all strategy is bound to fail. Instead, each user should be approached by name in a manner that touches on their specific pain points, questions, and ideals. You would not send an advertisement about the best strollers for your infant to a seventeen year old boy. Doing so would only damage the relationship with that customer as you will be seen as out of touch with their reality.

However, if you instead wrote specifically to Dan, the seventeen year old boy from Cleveland, mentioning basketball gear and perhaps even Lebron James, you will surely open the doors for a much longer browsing experience as well as lasting loyalty. That’s the goal with personalized communications. By reaching your customers in a manner that is less robotic and more in tune with their day to day lives, you are much more likely to see a rise in user retention.


2.Create Targeted Content


Along the same lines as personalized communications, personalized content takes the relationship to the next level.  Once you grab your user with an individualized message, they will likely stay on for a bit longer to explore your content. Remember, your users are looking for a reason to leave; however, if you take advantage of targeted content (ie. content that is precisely geared for individual users), you will most likely prevent them from doing so.

In order to write targeted content you should first create user personas according to demographics and other data. You should also map your content in order to develop a plan of which content you should write in order to target each persona. Though content mapping can be complex, by using mapping software like Hubspot and others, the process will be much more simple and effective.


3.Employ User Generated Content


While individualism is great, nothing says you value your customer more than allowing them to take part in the content you produce. That’s why more and more brands are getting on board with user generated content. Just as it sounds, user generated content refers to any content whether it’s an article, picture, video, or comment that is created by the user. Famous UGC campaigns include Coca Cola’s #shareacoke campaign, Starbucks’ White Cup Contest, and Burberry’s The Art of Trench.

By giving your user the opportunity to be creative while partaking in your brand, and maybe even winning a contest, you make them more excited about your site as well as all your brand has to offer.


4. Build Community


Both on and offline, people love to feel a sense of belonging. That’s why online communities are so innovative. By cultivating an online community, you create a safe place for people to visit and engage in activities that matter to them.

Building an online community is quite a bit of work. You need to have amazingly relevant content, active engagement, and lots of conversation. However, it’s all worth it. By getting your users to make connections with others through discussing your content, you empower them to become more active, and take the first steps necessary to building a robust online community.


5. Create Value


Most importantly of all, your offerings must be valuable to your users. At the end of the day, they are looking for something from your site–whether it’s a product, service, information, knowledge, or even entertainment. Therefore, it’s your job to deliver the goods.

By connecting to their needs and giving your users something of value, you are sure to increase your customer retention and loyalty for a lifetime.

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